TomCo holds five parcels of land which relate to two separate Mineral Leases, ML49570 and ML49571 respectively. All of these are in the Uinta Basin of Utah and together they cover a total land holding of 2,919 acres. They are also all underlain by the Green River Shale Formation, which is the largest known oil shale deposit in the world. The Green River Formation occurs in NE Utah, NW Colorado, and SW Wyoming, USA.

One of our parcels of land covered by ML49571 is in the northwest part of an area and is termed the Holliday Block. The surrounding Mineral Leases in the Holliday Block, and some other neighbouring Mineral Leases, are held by Red Leaf Resources Inc. Since 2006, Red Leaf has spent a considerable sum of money developing a method for exploiting its assets and has developed an in-situ processing methodology, the Eco-Shale In-Capsule Process, which is suitable for near surface oil shale such as is present on both Red Leaf and TomCo’s land holdings.

The oil shale beds on our leases occur predominately within a continuous 72ft thick zone, known as the Mahogany Zone which is consistent for many miles. This ‘high yield’ zone outcrops from surface down no more than a more hundred metres underground.