Final parts for the upgraded antennas arrived. Going to be a busy day tomorrow

A permanent solution is identified and agreed along with a couple of further improvements

Solution being worked on

Transmitters tested and calibrated and the antenna’s work, but with the amount of water in the wells can only run on low power

Final connections being made with the coax from the transmitters to the well heads

The antenna’s being installed down the wells, the outer pipe of the antenna is already in the well

Our designed well heads being installed

Dinner Himes style!

Arrival on site. “PotterVille” ready for occupation

We had core samples taken from the two main wells, they are now all boxed and ready to go to ShaleTech in Rifle Colorado, for analysis

Our 2 RF Transmitters leaving Continental’s headquarters in Dallas

Start of the drilling of our 3 wells

The Test Site being levelled and prepared for drilling